New plugin (Looking for testers) - Howler.js audio player

Hey, I wanted to briefly give building plugins a try, here’s my first release, a fairly simple plugin based on Howler.js.
Lets you play audio files and gives basic playback control access through workflow events. Sound files can be preloaded to minimize load times.
You can also loop audio, set volume and playback rate, but at the moment this is not dynamically accessible.
If you want to test it out, let me know your app ID and I’ll add you access.
If there’s interest I’ll keep developing it, lots of scope for improvements.

Here’s a demo of it:


Congrats. I found out it will play the audio file on top of the one is playing every time you press “play”.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature! :wink: Maybe not for music, but for sound effects that’s useful.
I’ll add a state check for if a sound is playing when I get some time, so you can prevent that if not needed.


This is great, when you expect the plugin out? work well.
I’m curious, how much time have you invested until now on the plugin?

Thanks! I wouldn’t say it’s close to release, it was a proof of concept to try out plugin building. I think I have a fair bit more to learn before I’ll release it.
It didn’t take a huge amount of time to make, maybe a few hours, the heavy lifting is all done by the Howler.js open source project. You do need reasonable javascript knowledge though.


Just released this plugin under an open source license. Give it a go and let me know what you think!


Hi @dambusmedia, I got this error message in Chrome:


Looks like there’s a commit to fix that in howler.js

It’s not merged into a release yet, so I’ll wait until it is then update to the latest version. It’s just a warning so it shouldn’t cause any issues for the meantime

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I´ve been looking for an audio player solution for a project. I certainly want to try yours out. How do I proceed?

@AlonsoC, it’s in the plugin store, just search for Howler. Sorry, I can’t change the title of the thread any more :stuck_out_tongue:

ok cool! :grinning:

Loving the plugin @dambusmedia!

Is there a way to connect and auto-bind the audio files current play position to a slider (ionic range or Slider Input)?

Feel free to share your magic @fayewatson :sunny:

Hey @dambusmedia Thanks for the plugin. I am playing around with it right now and it is working when in run slow mode, but seems to be maybe missing a message and regular speed. I have a pause command set before switching the audio file and a new play command, but at regular speed the files play on top of each other.

Any thoughts?

Hi Dambusmedia, were you able to add that state check for if sound is playing? It would be very useful to have that feature, thanks!

I tested it on reusable element (footer) and it sound not to work. Thanks.

Is it possible to set the player to set a different starting point on the record timeline for example 3:00 into track ?

Unfortunately I’ve not put much time into this plugin, it’s very basic and will continue to be so, I’d recommend checking out the paid audio player plugins for better support, sorry!

Are you planning on a pro version ?

How to let the users control the volume using input slider? i tried to do it but couldn’t get it to work

any help is kindly appreciated