New Plugin ! A Sound Player with its library

Hi bubblers !

I’m proud to introduce my new plugin.

As I noticed more and more apps use some little sounds to enhance the user experience (let them know a message has been sent, a transaction is complete, an object has been bought), I made a plugin to allow you to add all kind of sounds in your apps.

It makes it easy to play any file song you want, with several options such as loop, volume control, “prevent overlapping” (which is missing from the free Howler plugin).

Furthermore, it gives access to a library of sounds you can hear in the demo page

Do not hesitate to ask any question you may have here, or post any suggestion or feature you’d like to see
I will be happy to help you or try and improve my plugin !
(You can also contact me at

See the demo here : Sound Player : Demo Page
Or the editor here : Sound Player : Editor
Or even the plugin page : Slider Input : Plugin Page

If you like what I do, please check my other plugins here

Happy bubbling !


Dope! And usefull too! Nice work @theunsolver