Email attachments using Bubble, not Sendgrid

I am new to Bubble, so apologies if this is a newbie problem. I haven’t been able to see the answer in the manual.

I am writing a sign-up app to facilitate people signing up to my service.
As part of that I wanted t provide a button that will allow the client to either have a copy of terms and conditions emailed to them, or else they can download a copy of the terms and conditions.
I can set up, and have tested, the email option, but I can’t work out what data source the pdf of my terms and conditions should be drawn from. and so can’t add the attachment. I imagined that I would have an option to upload the pdf file into Bubble straight from my computer, but that option doesn’t seem to be there.
Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

I don’t know the best practice, but the MVP approach would be to store this in your google drive and link to that URL. (This assumes T&C is same for every user.). Typically when you click on a link to PDF the browser either loads it in page or offers option to save it, so the location is less important.

Slightly better-looking approach: store in a CMS or in AWS.

From what I gather, Bubble has features for users to upload things, but no admin feature for this, so you could also create your own admin feature to upload the file and store within Bubble, but this feels to me like a tedious approach.

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Thanks. That gives me some ideas to go on with.

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