Email box on the private domain


I have an important question.

If my domain name is hosted by Bubble (for example and the e-mails sent by the app comes from , what solution you can give me if I want to receive e-mails to (and to answer from the same email address)?

If i registered the DNS settings in Godaddy what should i do if i need a mail box?

Can I generate e-mails addresses for my app if a have a hosting provider? (if this is the case, how should i proceed if the domain name is already pointed to Bubble?)

Thank you

I use Google Apps for Business (I guess it’s now called G Suite) for everything. Five bucks a month, I hook up my email address to it, and it takes all the hassle away. In your case, you could do this. You could also use GoDaddy’s built-in mail system, but if I remember correctly, it sucks.

Where your domain is pointed should not impact your email. As long as your hosting provider has a webmail option (, you can do it. Or, save yourself the headache and use G Suite!

Agree with @andrewgassen. Using G Suite is great.

Google and GoDaddy have some pretty good documentation for settings things up. (I’ve had mixed results using Google’s automated domain ownership verification. Typically end up adding a TXT record or adding a meta tag).

More info:

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Thank you both of you @andrewgassen and @dan1,

Taking into account that I’m paying already for a hosting and that I’ll need maybe more than one custom e-mail address from my domain, I contacted with the support of the hosting and they helped me with instructions.

So, I don’t have to pay for another service. :slight_smile:

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