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I have an email input that is displaying [object Object] after the user logs in to and out of my app. I have nothing in the initial content section and I’m reseting relevant inputs when the user hits the sign in button. Tried deleting cookies but it just came right back. Any idea what could be causing this and how to fix it?


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I have the same issue! Bumping up

Hi, @andre17! I resolved this issue by switching the remember the email parameter in the Log the user in action from “yes” to “no”. I also had an action resetting the group containing the email and password inputs and I replaced that with a simple reset relevant inputs action.

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This object object Bug is causing an issue in my app. Just submitted a bug report.


What’s happening for you, @boston85719? I’ve been there and might be able to help if support hasn’t resolved it already.

When using the input element set to type email as the value to use in a search constraint trying to find the user, I get null results.

When logging in a user and using the current user as the datasource on conditionals in workflow actions the conditionals are not evaluating properly.

When having a remember be function on the user login the next time they come into the app the input element shows object object instead of the email address.

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Wow that’s very odd. I experienced the last one because I was resetting inputs before I had a chance to Make changes to the user. Yours sounds more like a bug on Bubble’s end w/r/t setting constraints/conditionals on an input- hope they fast track it for you.

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