Email Marketing w/ Bubble

Hey everyone, so what I have is an app where my users essentially store categorized notes. Once a week I need to email a summary of that past week’s notes to users. The email needs to be organized by category and I’d like to integrate a few relevant ads in the email as well. Has anyone done something similar? I’m mostly trying to determine the most efficient manner of automating this process.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Hey there!

So at a high level, you’ll want to use scheduled API workflows, and you’d run it against either that one user, or a group of users (up to you). The scheduled workflow would send an email (and when you set it up, you can define how the email should look). Basically, the whole thing can be automated in that one api workflow, although if you’re displaying different ads sometimes, that might need a workaround.

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Perfect! Thank you!