Dynamic Scheduling of Emails (Marketing/Sales Automation)

Hi folks

I am building an email-based sales system where the end-user defines email templates and the day when those emails are sent after a certain event.

Eg. - Signup > Email A Sent After 5 Day’s > Email B Sent After 9 Days and so forth

  1. I can’t schedule all email at once, because if a user converts in any one of those emails, all the remaining emails won’t be sent.
  2. The user dictates the number of templates and when those are sent. So theoretically this could be infinity.
  3. At the end of the campaign, a workflow is triggered to change the status of the lead/prospect to ‘lost’ (modify database).

So I want to figure out what’s the best way to approach this problem? If anyone has a similar experience in bubble.

Thanks in advance.

Seems like the easiest way would be to schedule them all at once. Embed a tracking pixel that sets a cookie. Read the cookie on checkout page and send it back to your app to discontinue future emails.

Hi @zeb,
try to run the API endpoint daily once. fetch all the user signup creation date.
call each workflow based on the Creation Date + 5 Days to the list of users with Email template A.
Same for all other days.

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