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So simplified - I have an application in which I want the users to send 100 emails/day to their prospects (my email list).

I’m trying to automate this action. I currently have the email list as a long list (thing) in my data.

I know how to send 1 off messages, but the user has to manually click the button or start the workflow. Essentially, I am looking for the best way to automatically send 100 emails today to a selected list of people, and then send 100 emails tomorrow to a set of 100 different prospects.

Like scheduling sends…

Any tips on the best place to start reading up on best practices here, would be great.

To give a better idea of what I am trying to do, think mailchimp - you can schedule sends. I want my users to be able to schedule sends.

Have you tried experimenting with scheduling workflows? I’m afraid you can only do it in a paid plan, since it requires the API engine workflow. Try to schedule something simple first, like sending one email to an inbox you can check.


Thanks for the reply vini_brito. I actually do have a paid plan.

I can schedule 1 email, for example 15 seconds into the future… but to then take another email from the list and send that? essentially, repeat that step x times with a 10-15 second delay between each send, x amount of times, then do the same thing in another 24 hours?..

I can schedule 1 off emails in the future, so I’m getting somewhere lol.


This can be achieved through an scheduled event where you setup an API to send the email on the entire list of emails. Bubble has restrictions on frequency of scheduled workflows based on the plan that you are on.

Hope this helps,


Actually, for anyone interested in this topic, romanmg made this video I just found.

I think it solves the issue I was having, looks like I can also put a delay on it.

I’m going to do some tweaking with this, and (most likely) come back with questions on adding the custom field tags (like first name), to pull them from the data base, when the message content includes a specific string, like {{}} for example.

I know how to do that on the back end, when I schedule or send an email, but so my users can enter a string, and then the program knows to call that field from the data?

Thanks everyone!

that does help, thank you anil. I am basically just trying to schedule out x amount per client per day. I think typing it out here and getting a little direction from everyone has helped a ton.

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