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Hi! I am a newbie to bubble (i understand programming, just never used bubble before) and I am also trying to debug an app inherited from a former employee.

In a workflow, there is an action that is “send email”. It seems that it is in the right place and the parameters all seem okay to me, but I may not be understanding it fully. Yet the person who is supposed to receive the email is not receiving them. Other actions in that workflow seem to be working, including other emails.

Quick background: a student submits a proposal. It is randomly assigned to a member of the IRB group. Both the student and the IRB member should receive emails.
The action to randomly assign the proposal to an IRB member is working - it shows up in the database. The student receives an email. The IRB member does not.
Can anyone point me in the right direction - where should I look to see what might be going wrong?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

Bubble send email have a lot of deliverability issue. It’s better to subscribe to your own sendgrid account or use another provider like postmark, clicksend…

I would wager you are maybe not pointing to the correct email address of the assigned IRB member. For example if your Step 1 is to assign the IRB member then when sending the email use Result of Step 1’s IRB Member’s email. How are you currently accessing the email? You just need to be sure that email is correct. For testing it, you can add your current method of getting the IRB member’s email into the body of the email you know goes through and then look to see if it is correct.

Thanks. That makes sense to start with. I’ll try that.

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Is there any way I can see the content of the email without actually sending it, as I step through with the debugger?

I’m not sure I have the authority to take on making changes like that, so I’d rather start with ideas that bubble itself has to offer.

Bubble will probably invite you to ceate your own sendgrid account :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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