Native Email function not delivering emails


I have several workflows that include sending an email using the action “send email”.

Recently i have found that emails were not received. I have had several users unable to use the app due to password reset emails not being sent.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?


Did you check sendgrid logs? Emails from the free plan can bounce. search the forums for the thread

I’m not using sendgrid template, can i still view logs? I can see in the server logs in bubble the email shows as being sent.

Hi Robbie,

I am experimenting the same issue with the “send email” function. Any support please to investigate.


Bubble uses SendGrid unless you specify a different service, and SendGrid mails to Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, Live, etc routinely get blocked. So if the emails that are not getting delivered are intended for these recipients, SendGrid is the problem, not Bubble. You’ll need to use a different email service.

I am just using the “send email” feature of bubble. So from my standpoint @bubblesupport should investigate and propose a solution

We are not obliged to use SendGrid to send emails. The native feature can also be used

I’ll explain more clearly. There is no native email feature in Bubb;e. What looks like a native send email workflow is actually implemented through SendGrid, because Bubble has chosen SendGrid. In other words, unless you actively setup another email service, your emails will be sent through SendGrid. And will get blocked by many recipients.

Because the problem is with SendGrid (search the Bubble forum for “SendGrid” and you will see a lot of information on why that happens [poor reputation management, in a nutshell]), there is nothing that Bubble can do other than replace SendGrid as its default email service.

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