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Email Notifications for Development/Live Versions


I’m John and I’ve recently been working on creating an email notification system for our website - for when data is created/deleted/edited. The only problem is I don’t have an efficient method to use one email (i.e. [email protected]) for the development version of my app and another (i.e. [email protected]) for the live version. As of now, I would need to go into every email workflow, manually change the email address to the live version’s email, deploy the app, then manually change every email address back to the development version’s email so I’m not flooding my live email with useless testing spam.

Any ideas?


Try setting the email addresses in a field in the database. Then when you fill out the workflow to send it you can add a when statement to check the url for your test site’s url. When it contains the test url, dynamically insert the correct test email address. When it doesn’t contain the test url, then insert the prod account.

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