Sending emails to different address just during testing

I’m working on an app and have completed a lot of the final design. It sends emails to different people in the company based on the status of the item being edited.
I’m adding some functionality and would love to be able to test it and have the emails come to me without changing all of the email addresses in the user database.
Any ideas on an easy way to do this? Thanks

You should still do a one-time update but it will worth it if there are too many emails sent.

For any dynamic email address (like a user's email) field, you will instead do this:

Simply, this Isn't Live Version returns yes for dev environment (therefore get the email in the yes portion) and when you deploy the app, it will return no (therefore get the actual email you want to send email to. whatever that email is. I set Current USer's email).

This will send all the emails to you in the non-published version, and to the actual email when the app is deployed.

Perfect. THANKS!

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