Contact Us messages won't send in live version

I have a link for users to send me a message if they need to.

It runs off a workflow as follows…

But it only works in the Dev version of the app. Once deployed, no emails come through. Can anyone give me any pointers as to what I need to do to fix this?

Many thanks

The database of your live version is different than the one of your testing version.

Your ‘To:’ input has a “search for app settings: contact email”. Make sure that your live database has an entry for the app settings and a populated “contact email” field.

Having said that, why is your contact enail stored in the database?

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Cool. Thank you. I’ll check those settings tomorrow morning.

Re why the contact email is in the database…it’s purely because I have a few locations for users to “contact us”, it’s very early days (I’m still user testing but IRL rather than on dev) and I haven’t pinned down a contact email alias yet so I’ve got it as a variable for ease/laziness.

Thanks. Tested it and the field was blank on live.
I was pretty confident I’d copied the data over but clearly not.

Thanks so much for that…I’ll sleep tonight now!

All the best