Email service on paid plan in Bubble

Hi Bubble community,

quick question on the personal paid plan: Can I set up email service on my custom domain? E.g. or Does Bubble allow this service?


Yes, you sure can! :+1: I do that on my sites that I have created. I am on a personal paid plans as well.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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You can do this in your domain settings!!

Hi @J805 thanks for your reply. :slight_smile: Can I also buy my domain via Bubble? :slight_smile: Or how did you set it up? Did you buy just the domain via GoDaddy for instance and then hosted it on Bubble?

Hey @shelfyaccess,

When you head over to the domain settings, I believe Bubble links to Google Domains. They aren’t a domain registrar itself

I definitely recommend just going through the Bubble process. It uses Google. It makes things easier to set up. My clients have all had a hard time setting up GoDaddy.


Thank you!! @J805 :slight_smile:

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Thank you @johnny :slight_smile:

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Welcome! :blush:

You’re welcome! :smile:

Hi both @johnny & @J805, one more question:

  • how many emails can I set up on personal plan?
  • do i have unlimited capacity to send and recieve emails?

Thank youuu :slight_smile:

Oh wait, are you asking about if Bubble has an email inbox for you? I might misunderstood the question. I believe what @J805 and I meant was that with a custom domain, you are able to send emails using an email from your domain.

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If you mean how many emails you can send in your Bubble app, you will only be able to send 100 a day using SendGrid’s free plan. SendGrid is the service Bubble uses to send emails. You can subscribe (in SendGrid) to their Essential plan to get 10K emails.

If you mean from Google Domains, that will depend and vary based on their service.

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Hi there,

I wonder if bubble allows you to choose from different sender emails on personal paid plan while sending out emails? (same domain but different alias)

Also, @rukevweb, in my case I also have Google domian, but I have signed up with Sendinblue not Sendgrid. So I am not using Sendgrid’s free plan. Although I would still like to know bubble’s email sending limits, but I could not find this info on any thread, do you know for sure that it’s 100 a day?

Thank you!

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Here is Bubble’s reference about it:

Sendgrid’s pricing reference:

Hope that helps! :blush:


Great info! Thank you for the links. :100:

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No problem! :blush:

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