Email domain , full set up

I have no experience with own domain email. I hope someone sheds light on me.
Can anyone explaining step by step process for own domain email setup, please .
I have bought a domain, connected to my Bubble app. What shall I do next to get emails with domain?
Shall I have seperate email hosting (any suggestions)? Shall I afterwards set up any integration to somewhere(?) where I will be able to read my emails (sent and recieved)… e.g.outlook /gmail…Where I am generating specifix email addresses (e.g., Does it cost to have multiple email adreses?

I want to connect MailerLite for marketing emails and MeilerSend for transactional emails , so I would be using API plugin. Is it possible?
If anyone replies to email (sent via Bubble via Api), where will I read that (If at all)?

Bubble uses SendGrid as their email provider, so they want you to make your own SendGrid account, sign up, pay them separately and then put your API key in the Bubble app settings. You would be handling all your domain-related things in the SendGrid portal at that point.

However I messed with it a little bit and other people can chime in, but it seems like the “Send email” action in Bubble doesn’t let you specify a “From” address, so it looks like it has to be the same from-email app wide for some reason…

If you want to use a different service like MailerLite then yes install the API Connector plugin (made by bubble) and you would have to pretty much do it from scratch. I use the Postmark plugin and it’s been working good so far, and let’s me specify a “from” address once I verified I owned my domain

Or AWS SES also, $0.10 for every 1,000 emails you send.

Is the setup pretty straight forward using AWS?

Following the step-by-step setup on the plugin page, yes:

I swear you make a plugin for everything :joy: I’ll check it out.

Side question, do you find you have to update a lot of these plugins to keep up with Bubble changing their code, or is this stuff relatively unchanged behind the scenes?

Bubble side is quite stable.
Generally speaking, the more third party modules you use, the more maintenance is required.

If you want to create a business email, I’d recommend using Google Workspace.

It’s pretty simple to create an account and they have an automatic DNS setup tool. Once it’s done, you can create new emails however you’d like:

The cheapest plan is $6/month/user. You can get away with creating just one user and adding aliases to that user for free.

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