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Hey guys -
I’m using a derived template (Scriptly). I can’t find the option to update the sender’s name like: “Scriptly Platform” sent by via


  1. Where can I change the name of my app?
    Is it in Sendgrid? If so, where?

  2. Where can I change the email templates?
    Is it in Sendgrid? If so, where?

  3. Where can I change the email subject?
    Example: Your project was assigned
    Is it in Sendgrid? If so, where?

We’re about to launch in a couple of days, and we need to QA these final details.

Check it out here:

Thanks for your help!

@javier3 Thanks for reaching out! And, great questions…

Most of these settings can actually be changed in the ‘Send an Email’ action that’s part of whatever workflow triggers those emails to go out. The easiest way to track down each of those actions would be to use your app search tool (top right) to search for ‘uses action’ where the action is ‘send an email’. Bubble should show you all the actions that send emails in the system and clicking each one should bring you to it.

Once you have the action selected, you should be able to change the sender name, the content of the email and also the subject. You could also cc or bcc other email addresses and specify a ‘reply-to’ email address if you’d like.

Here’s a helpful section from our manual with more info about that particular action.

If you end up with any additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Success team by emailing

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Hey Andrew! Thanks so much!! I was able to identify all those emails using your recommendations… The only one that is giving us a hard time is the password reset request email template. We can’t find it in our Bubble’s workflows editor, not in our Sendgrid settings menu. I’ll be emailing Support.

Best regards!


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