Provide Sender Name field in Settings

@bubble, could we have a “Sender Name” field added to the Domain/Email tab. I would prefer to have the name show instead of just the email when someone receives a system email from my app.

This is what I see in the email client.

This is what I would like to accomplish.

So could an extra field be added here to define the name, above/below the field for defining the email address?


The Action Editor on the Send email action has a field for Sender name. Does this solve your use case?

What about password resets or other actions that we do not setup in workflow?

What’s an example of an email not setup in a workflow?

Ideally, Sender Name is set in a central location and used with any system emails sent. Otherwise why not add a field to specify the From email address, along with Sender Name, in the different email actions (password reset, email confirmation, send email, etc.)?

Sending Password reset… no way to specify Sender name.

Sending Confirmation email… no way to specify Sender name.

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Great suggestions. Just checked-in with our engineering team about this. We’re putting it on our list of things to do. I’ll post back here when it is deployed.


Sender name has been added as a new feature to the Domain/email Settings section. Let us know what you think.

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@DavidS Nice.

Is it possible to dynamically change which email bubble sends emails from? I’m using the Sendgrid plugin.

Context: My specific use case is we have a number of administators who log in to the system and send semi automated messages. It would be great for those emails to come from the user who has logged in rather than a central generic email.

I know you can set the from name and reply to name to be the user but it still just sends from one email.


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