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Email Validation Problem on Sign Up

Hello Bubblers!
I am trying to build a validation workflow into my sign up process.

ie. if an email has already registered, then the sign up procedure does something different.

I am trying to use…

However, in testing the search always comes up as “0” and triggers the actual sign up flow even when there is a record in the database.

I got this method from the Forums.

Anyone see what I am doing wrong?



Hey there @brian4,

I’d check your privacy rules.


…that’s probably it… :smiley:

…now to figure out a proper privacy rule that covers this!


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I have the same problem:( it keeps triggering the workflow even if the email is already there.

I know that it has something to do with bubble not recognising that email is already exists.
Here’s my workflow

[update] Found the solution:

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