Search for Users not working

I’m trying to Search for Users, but I can’t get Bubble to return any data. I can’t even get output on the number of Users in the database. This returns 0, even though I have Users.


I can search for other types of data, but not Users. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any ideas?


Might be a dumb suggestion, but have you made sure you don’t have privacy rules blocking the search?

It happened to me a few times! :yum:


That was it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Months later but… just wanted to say that your reply just saved me after hours of investigating.

What was happening for anyone else who stumbles on this later:

  1. I was trying to do increment a number field on the user object for each new user who signed up (like to show on a user profile page, so users can see what number they were when they signed up)
  2. I was doing it in the default signup workflow but it wasn’t working. Specifically I was using Search for Users:count + 1
  3. Good: Search for Users:count worked properly when displayed on a page
  4. Bad: Search for Users:count didn’t work when called in a workflow

Solution: turned out my privacy rules were working in point 3 because all users are logged-in our site, and we let logged-in users see all data!



Saved mine as well! I was starting to go crazy, until I started searching the forum and immediately found this solution. Would be great if in debug mode there would be a bigger flag on privacy rules…The warning appears but only once I adjusted the privacy settings but not showing all fields…

Anyhow, thanks!!!

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You’re the GOAT! This issue gave me a headache. Thank you!

Big thank you for this mate, been bugging me for poxy hours!!! Definitely Bubble needs to add this to the debugger as a hint. If it wasn’t for you I’d of never figured it out.