Email Verification Question


A couple of questions if I may:

  1. Is clicking the confirmation link sent out by default Bubble ‘send email confirmation’ action meant to change the Email Confirmed field to ‘true’? If yes, I don’t see this happening for some reason - why that might be?

  2. Do people put design elements in the email_verify page or just redirect to other pages? What is the recommended implementation?

Thank you.

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Hi kenlaji,

Probably too late for you, but I write this down for future reference. Hopefully it can help others facing the same problem.

  1. Yes, the link in the e-mail does change the users ‘Email Confirmed’ field to ‘yes’ / ‘true’. But this is a hidden system field and is for some unknown reason NOT visible in the data view. Creating your own yes/no field with the same name, won’t help. This will be ignored. I tried :slight_smile:

Please be aware that you can only check for ‘Current User’s e-mail confirmed is “yes”’, when the user is logged in. Otherwise ‘Current User’ is empty.
So an example workflow would be:

Step 1. Log the user in
Step 2. Do something… Only when the ‘Current User’s e-mail confirmed is “yes”’
Step 3. (for example) Log the user out Only when ‘Current User’s e-mail confirmed is “no”’

  1. I.m.h.o. I would present a dedicated page which shows a text that the confirmation / verification succeeded. You should give the user some time to read the message. You than could do one of the following:
  • Redirect to a different page after a few seconds or so;
  • Provide a link or button to navigate to the login page when clicked;
  • Repeat the login component on the confirmation page to login directly;
  • Or use the login page as the confirmation page, on load check for the presence of the ‘confirmation_email’ URL parameter and if found, show an alert that the verification succeeded and they can now login.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,

Maarten Docter

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