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Hi can anybody guide me how to change the email confirmed from ‘no’ to ‘yes’ using bubbles internal email confirmation action?


Actually I have set a condition to mark it as ‘no’ when the user signs up and was expecting it to change to ‘Yes’ when the user clicks on link sent to his email id, but that’s not happened.
Any help will be appreciated.

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Hi @Ankur,

You don’t need to change anything yourself. By default, this internal field will be set to “no” for all new users that are created in your app. When they click that confirmation link, it’ll change to “yes” automatically.

To see the value of the field for a user, you’ll just want the expression “User’s email confirmed” - the value of that expression is either “yes” or “no.”

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Gaby,
I am sure it does but how do I restrict access to the app for unverified users? Because the verification mail is sent after the user has signed up I want to allow further access only after the email is verified. As of now the verification process is at users will, they gain access to all features even if they don’t verify.

Hey @Ankur,

You can add a workflow that runs if the user’s “emailconfirmed” is no, then show a popup or however you want to deal with unverified email accounts.

(Here’s an example image)


Thanks @romanmg/ @Profamii,
Figured it out, in fact I had created an email confirm database field manually and hence was getting confused with the internal field.

One more thing if you can answer, is there an option to see the email confirmed status in database for each user? I could not find it in the database view.

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