E-mail Verification

Hello guys!

I require my users to confirm their e-mail in order to make certain things on my page. I’m using standard “Send an email to confirm the email” feature.

I manually added “e-mail status” to my User DB which can be “yes” or “no” (“no” by default).

I want this status to be changed to “yes” only when User reach verification page by clicking in the link which was sent to his e-mail.

The problem is - any user can confirm his e-mail using someone’s else verification link. How do i solve that?

Bubble has native functionality for email confirmation and password resetting with unique tokens

To be honest i’m using a template and it looks like it’s deactivated. I mean - User since very beginning didn’t have any kind of “e-mail activation” data. How can i bring it back? Or how can i configure it?

If you have an account linked to the email you can check if they are logged in.
Only when the user is logged in → verify account.
I don’t think bubble has this issue you’re facing, I tested 2 accounts using a disposable email address and the 2nd one wasn’t validated (this is using preview so it might me different for live). You can send your own email using a number of API’s and have the link verification link send data about your specific account.

So how it works natively?

I have checkbox “send an e-mail to confirm the e-mail” checked. How do i know that user clicked in that link? How to set up it in workflow?

@matgaj.96 Perhaps this video could help

Will check, thank you!

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