Emails not getting delivered - Sendgrid

I’m having problems with Sending emails using Sendgrid dynamic templates. I’ve 6 dynamic templates out of which 5 are working as expected. Only 1 isn’t working.

I can see bubble action being performed successfully in the server logs. However, in my Sendgrid account I don’t see any activity for emails going out using this template.

I’m on a free Sendgrid account at the moment.

Can someone please help me?

Contact sendgrid to find out about limits on free accounts, and contact Bubble support about limits for free accounts (I believe it is 20 a day)…you might need to start paying for an account.

thanks @boston85719

I didn’t hit the limit for my sendgrid account and I’ve a paid bubble account. all other emails are working.

It looks like the Sendgrid dynamic template isn’t getting triggered. Can you think of reasons why it’s not getting trigerred?

That doesn’t have to do with whether or not you have setup your Sendgrid account properly in Sendgrid and Bubble.

When you don’t setup Sendgrid in Bubble to use your Sendgrid API keys, there is a limit of 20 emails per day.

You should contact Bubble support with a specific instance of when an email was not sent, and ask them to dig into the logs to see why…the answer may be that you hit your limit and do not have your Sendgrid API keys setup in your Bubble app.

Thanks @boston85719
I moved the workflow elsewhere and it worked

Maybe because when you tested it, you had not yet gone beyond your limit…I’d suggest testing it 30-40 times to see if it Always sends.

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