Google Maps not do I get to the "Java Console"

I haven’t looked at my maps for months and have forgotten most of what makes them tick. Today I did look at them and got this message…


How do I get to the Java Console and is there a way of understanding what it might tell me (there’s a good reason I chose a “No Code” platform).

Can anyone steer me in a good direction?

You can right lick in the browser and select Inspect > Console to open the JavaScript console.

There you should see the error… but it’s most likely to do with your Google account and API keys…

Are your Google APIs and account set up correctly?

Hi Adam
Many thanks as always for taking the trouble to reply. I’ve had a look at the “inspector” on my browser which is new to me and I just stared at it like a horse who’s just been asked to book a holiday. So I won’t be doing anything with that.

I’m having a poke about in my Google account. Thanks for that prompt. I vaguely remember doing something with that when I put the map bit in the app initially so I’ll see if it rings any bells.

Thanks again.