Google Map Issue

Has anyone come across this?

Map element not showing the map or marker and displaying the following error message.

"Oops! Something went wrong.

This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details."

It’s likely that when you set up your API keys for Google Maps that you didn’t enable all the necessary API keys (most likely missing the Maps Javascript API key).

Try following the process in this video for setting up your Google Maps API keys.


Hi Dan, we are Bubble newbies and have this exact same problem that @m.lewis had a year ago, however we have followed the instructions given by Bubble and what is instructed in this video, but we have the same issue?

One thing that I have done is generate the Google Map API keys from within my own Google as we are an agency working for a client, so do you or anyone else reading this think I should try and use the clients own Google Maps API as in this instance the clients domain is already managed by Google DNS services?


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Please help. I have the same problem and everything seems OK:

  1. Activated APIs = OK
  2. URLs and URLs wildcards = OK
  3. Test URL = OK
  4. Payment settings on Google = OK

So, what else can I do?


SOLVED: It just needed all Google was asking: create users, for example.