Embed photo in email

There is a photo in a data base, and would like to have it embeeded into the email template.

Usually I go to the data and open the image, copy the url and add the static url to the email, but in this case we have a dynamic image. How this can be done? Thanks!

Do a search for to find the data in the database and then select the image’s url.

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Thanks! Have tried that, it doesn’t work.

Do you have experience with Postmark plugin in particular?

I do not. Try adding “https:” in front of the dynamic url. The url of images in bubble do not include that and start with “//s3”. Outside of bubble that will not show the image unless you add that.

Or better yet add the dynamic url and add “contains Arbitrary text (https)” then formatting for yes would just be the url and formatting for no make sure to add “https:” then the url.

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