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Embedding Bubble app in Discourse forum?

I see a lot of interest in embedding Discourse forums in Bubble apps, but what about the reverse? Can I embed a Bubble app in a Discourse forum? I mean a “live” app, not just a one-box.

Hey there @markschmucker,

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You might want to look into discourse and how you might be able to inject HTML into your forum, then you can iFrame your Bubble app in.

Yes, I’ve tried that. I added to the Discourse allowed iframes, then posted the iframe, but nothing appears. It works with other domains.

<iframe src='' width='400' height='500' background-color='blue'>

It doesn’t work on this forum either. I’m not an admin here so I don’t know whether is whitelisted, but I would think so. Can someone post a simple app here?

This was my first test app and I hadn’t deployed to Live- now it loads in an iframe on my Discourse where bubbleapps is whitelisted.

But the iframe shows the error “ refused to connect”. I’m logged in to my bubble account and can see the live app in my browser at Why would it refuse to connect from within Discourse?

Did you allow the app to be “iframed” in its settings?

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That was it- now it works. Thank you.