Embedding bubble content on external sites

Hi guys. I am trying to let users embed a section of a page content ( maybe a row , some columns etc) to an external site like maybe post to a forum or a blog. Or maybe something like a Amazon product display widget. How can it be done?
There are many posts on embedding external content into bubble but not the other way round.
Can it even be done?


An easy way would be like this:

Make what you want to have embedded a separate page. With literally just the things you want to embed. Like to embed a singular post let’s make that page “singleuserpost”.


User clicks Embed.
They get a link:
That page is literally just the one post.

Then that can be used as an “iFrame” on another page and have just that user’s content shown. (Enable iFrames in bubble’s settings)


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Interesting. Will try that. Thank you. So there is no other way - only using iframes?

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