Embedding Bubble pages in external website: Caveats, limitations and customization?

I have searched around the forum and the internet about embedding Bubble pages in external websites, and I learned how to do it, now all my pages are embeddable by anyone.

I want a specific page to be embeddable.
I want to allow specific external websites to embed this page.
I want to provide a unique customized version of this page for each allowed external website so that version is exclusive to this website.

I know this needs to use some code with some external tools, so I just need hints or keywords for a roadmap so I can search and learn. I need a general perception of the direction that makes this work in Bubble.

Any help will be very appreciated.

Hi there,

I believe what you’re looking for is an iFrame. You’ll need to enable that in your settings.

Thank you @msgiblin

I have enabled it already and my pages are embeddable.

The things I need to do now are related to restriction and customization as I have mentioned in the topic.

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