Integrating Bubble app with existing website

What would the best practice be if I want to keep my existing site (without rebuilding it) but then also have a Bubble app within that site? I assume one option is to leave the Bubble URL on for the app and just link to it from the main site and another option is to host the app on a different URL. But is there a way to have both the current site and the app under the same URL?

The best approach here is probably to host the Bubble app (or the other website) on a subdomain. That way it’s more consistent. You could also have the other website in an iframe in Bubble, but it can be a bit slow (depending on what the other site is).

Why not having the whole thing on Bubble?

I have the same situation. My client does not want me to redo their entire site. I guess it can also be done by by displaying the Bubble app in an Iframe on their site?

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Other than responsive issues, iframing works well.

Yes, that will do it.

Hello there,

I am very new on bubble.

I just created an app (kind of a simulator) and I would like to integrate it on my existing website with an iframe, but I have some trouble …

Seems bubble is not according it.

Is there any way it could work ?

Thk a lot


This is possible. Search on the forum for iframe and you will find some solutions. It is probably security in the browser causing your issue but check the forum out as someone will have solved this before


Thanks Simon.

Solution is : Settings > General > Allow iFrame

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We have our website hosted and managed by “wix” and are proceeding our native app on “bubble”,
any help as to how we can integrate and link these both…?