EMERGENCY: Email Verification Question

I have decided to add email verification to my app for an extra step of security and limit spam users. However, there seems to be no way to “confirm” the email for all the users that came before this and all users that are “signed up by another user”. Is there a fix for this?


Email Verification is currently causing a major issue for my application. Is there a way to easily make password reset links act as an email confirmation link as well? Why is there no way for app admins to manually confirm emails of existing users? Is there any way to automatically confirm emails for those users that are signed up WITHOUT sending a confirmation email?

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I’m not aware of a way, but to find out for sure email Bubble support.

If there’s no way, it’s pretty easy to recreate the functionality, which will give you more flexibility. Also if you ever use a 3rd party email service beyond Sendgrid, you’ll need to recreate the functionality since the email confirmations Bubble sends come from Sendgrid.

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