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Send an email to confirm the email

Does anyone know how i can add a button that re-sends the user another email confirmation email. So far i can determine if the user verified himself or not but i don’t know how to resend the email to the user for confirmation

Below is ref in the bubble documentation

Send an email to confirm the email
Check this box if you want an email to be sent to the users to confirm that their email is valid and that they can access it. The email contains a link that once clicked

We don’t support this yet, I’ll add that to the list.

Alright, thanks. I guess i can use temp password as a alternative for this. What happens when the user does not verify the email, will the system refuse the login?

I’ve the same problem.
If my user do not receive the confirmation email link, the only other possibily right now is to change its email adress.

Hello Nicolas,

Any idea how to allow the user to delete his own account? or change his email?

I did not try to delete the user account because the sign up comes up in a process - I need to keep datas linked to the User account.
What I did (but it’s not a good solution) is allowing the user to change the email adresss after he signed up, if he has not confirm his email yet.
Definitely not an appropriate way to handle it.

Could you make your own confirmation flow?

Create a Data Field, Confirmation Yes/No in the user.
Create a page that you can click a button, change user confirmation to yes, or when page loads, change user confirmation to yes.

In the signup flow, when you create a new user, create an email, that points the user to the confirmation page.

And then you can create a workflow for users to resend the confirmation page.

Thks for helping.

I agree. But [quote=“JayMoney, post:7, topic:411”]
then you can create a workflow for users to resend the confirmation page

is not a possible action yet as far as I know.

When do you think we can see this become available, as this is a vital part of the app’s process.


No real plan there yet, we can talk about it if it’s critical for your app, we add features on request as well.

If you create your own workflow it’s possible. So not using the built in confirm email, and just creating a data field: Confirmed = yes/no for the user

I built it out on the demo app.

just start on the confirm_email_1 page

Signup with your own email. And then ignore your first confirmation email. You’ll be navigated to a page where you can resend your confirmation.

All right. I’ve not thought to do it this way, by-passing the Bubble integrated process for email confirmation and just making your own one. A pity anyway this simple action is not integrated in Bubble’s sign in/up process since I guess we are many needed it.
Thank you very much @JayMoney for your very clear demo !! (top !)

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We just added this action.

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I feel so irrelevant now :cry:

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Dont!! We need you to find smart workarounds :slight_smile:

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amazing thanks.

Would it be possible to access the email confirmation link, even if the checkbox “Send confirmation email” in the signup action isn’t checked ? The email defined in language tab is a bit limitative right now. I wish I could add links, a signature, define another “Respond to” email than the default one.

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I was working through a related issue and figured that, without access to the confirmation code that Bubble generates for each user sign up, the way to control the user experience is to create my own links, but that means sidestepping the built-in Bubble workflow for sign ups. I’m still working through this, but here’s my thought-process so far:

  • When user clicks on the [sign up] button, create a [confirmation code] (‘a thing’), with a field ‘confirmed’ for the code set to ‘no’
  • Add the user’s link to the email msg you want to send as you’ve illustrated above, appending the [confirmation code] as a URL parameter
  • When user clicks on the email and lands on your app, change the ‘confirmed’ field of the [confirmation code] to ‘yes’

You’d need to associate each [confirmation code] with a [user] in order to use the same feature that Bubble offers natively through the ‘email is confirmed’ check.

Thks for the idea. Itn’t the same than @JayMoney’one described earlier in this post ?
Workaround like this are still possible, but it’s a pity to rebuild something when the native feature is as close to offer more personnalisation. Especially when several of us have to do the same :smile:

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I should have credited @JayMoney with the inspiration - I even played with his useful demo to validate some of the components for the email send/resend. But my specific suggestion here is on how to actually create the email yourself, not simply resend the built-in email. Currently you can’t do that without access to the built-in confirmation code, so you’d have to generate your own code and handle the workflows around that any way you wish.

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