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Empty dynamic value as null?

Hello, I am using the API connector to connect to my website’s WooCommerce REST API and using it to show, edit, and update orders. In my body, I have added JSON object to set billing and shipping information, changing each of the key’s value to dynamic using <>.

However, I have some optional fields here such as billing and shipping street address 2 which can be left empty. However, whenever this field is empty the value is set to NULL. How can I set up my API or perhaps my fields/workflow to pass an empty value?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


I also have the same problem.

I’m having the same issue. When I submit an empty value, Bubble sends “null” which would not normally be a big deal, but when we view the values, it replaces the placeholder text with “null”. Any ideas, fixes or solutions would be hepful!

In bubble terms, null is another way of defining empty

Hello to all,
any update on that topic ?

Had same issue and could not find solution. But here is what i done. Instead of putting key value inside double quote i kept it without double quote, so my body from
“url”:"" changed to “url”:

now in case if blank
i returned as “”
in case of domain
i returned as “

I got the same problem as well. Any solution?