Empty space on bottom of page, in preview mode?

Hi I am getting annoyed with bubble.io, I cant get rid of this stupid white space that keeps appearing on my page, I have checked everything and cant seem to find it?

Can some one please tell me why its happening? I have checked elements and nothing nr bottom, so i dont know why?

Please help thanks.

Have you tried looking at the page outside of debugging mode? I have a clan version of my site without the white space at the bottom when i do that and set my index height to 0px.

Ok how do I do that? Thanks sorry still a bit of a noob to this lmao.



from your url

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I give that a try and get back to you. Thanks bro

Na dont work for me still same, it goes to main index even know I want to see the homepage… if you want I can open it on edit to see if you can take a look for me?




https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=home&id=measlystormsnetworksolutions&tab=tabs-1&subtab=General (Edit-Mode)

Try removing only the /sample:user?debug_mode=true part from the URL. This will turn off the debugger.

If that doesn’t work you can also try replacing ‘true’ with ‘false’ like this:

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Yeah that worked! Thanks dont know why it does that…Thank you above to all that helped! It seemed to resolve it, but 1 question is when I deploy it live, would it effect it again?

No this is only for testing. If there are any errors on the page they will show up in the debugger.

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Managed To Fix It! Thanks dude.

Thanks bro.

Cool, Glad you got it!

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Do u like what im doing?

Did you read it?


Yeah thanks bro all sorted now.

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