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There is a white space at the bottom of my app... How can I fix it


I have made my website into live version where i find this problem quite annoying

I have a white space gap at the end even when it is not in debugger mode

But when i checked in the development version it is fine where there is no gap of white space at the bottom

Why is it affecting my live version I couldn’t find any reason
Pls help me how I can fix this problem

Hi there @ananthurg77,

Can you send a screenshot of the problem?

Do you have an element that is collapsed when it isn’t visible?

Yes, I have a repeating group just above the footer which is made not visible when its empty.

Pls visit

Check if your page height’s is at the same height as the bottom of the footer.

Yes i have double check and its same
Infact when I preview it with development mode there is no space at the bottom its perfectly fine but when i preview it in live mode this space appears… why?

I’ve had a similar issue where I have extra white space at the bottom of my pages that seems to be the same height as a group focus in my header. I’ve filed a bug report.

I’ve had the same problem with my application. But then, after switching to the new responsive engine, the problem no longer exists.

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