Enable auto-binding problem with Search Box: no "Field to modify"


I try to auto-bind a table as dynamic choice of a search box, however my Field to modify remains empty. My privacy settings are all correct and the field is also in a group with the thing to modify. What goes wrong here?



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@thomas.schijf welcome to the community!

Consider changing the privacy rule condition to a rule that will always be true for now and see if it fixes the problem.

Example: current user is logged in

Thanks for your quick reply @cmarchan, I tried that as well, but also that didn’t work :frowning:


You may be trying to auto bind a related object. I do not see options to be bound.

Check your dB structure or relate the auto binding to a direct object so that you can get to choose which field to bind.

I don’t understand :frowning:

Please share a screenshot of your object (data type) structure


Consider replacing the search box for an input element

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