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Can not auto bind 'Geographic Places' search box....any idea why?

Can not auto bind ‘Geographic Places’ search box…any idea why ?

Hey @yaron.regev :slight_smile: You should be able to, can you share a link to your app?

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Have nothing really to share at the moment’… on a design phase where i need to auto bind an address (geographic location)…
When tried, after enabled in the 'Privacy tab… it diesnt work.

I have used auto binding in the past with regular inputs boxes and it works well.



Hmm… I just tested in my app and it did work fine. I would double-check that you have the correct privacy roles set up? Or try to reproduce in a test app that you can share.

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Not quite sure what you were trying to do, as you were binding the input to an “Addressess” thing but had not told the page what thing to use. You need to specify the thing you want to bind to as the parent.

So I have changed it so it is binding to a field on the user (on page load I redirect the page to have the current user). Just to make it easier, as there is always a user thing.

And it works.

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Thanks Nigel!
All good now…

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