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Enable/Disable all inputs in a group

Is there a simple way to change the state of all inputs in a group? I have a form with several inputs (using auto-binding to the correlated thing/fields). I want to set up a button so I can enable/disable all fields for editing.

I tested it using a single field and used a yes/no custom state called “EditMode”. Basically, click the button and it will toggle the custom state of the associated input.

The issue is that I’d rather NOT have to create a workflow event for every single field within the group if I can avoid it (work-intensive and lends itself to a lot of potential errors). So, I’m hoping there is a way to change the custom state of all inputs within a group. Any suggestions?

what about a condition when parent group’s edit mode is true this input is disabled. just right click on the inputs and copy conditional formatting and paste.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a try. Sound like it should work.

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worked great. Thanks @jarrad!!

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Your very welcome :slight_smile:

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