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Enable rich text for text fields input - enable line break

Here my use case : I want to first save a rich text and then use it as an email’s body I send.

Using the new Copy/Paste function, I can copy a rich text into a text field input :

But if I try any modification, I lose all the line breaks :

Would it be possible to enable the rich text formating for text fields of the actions on Data (Create/Modify/…) ?

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Other use case : writing a text for an email sent thought an API Connector’ call (for using templates). Then rich text input would be good as well for plugin’s actions text inputs for instance

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Since we can always use this trick, why can’t we use rich text with any text input ? without it, no line break !

Even if it can lead to wierd situation with elements using plain text, it will seems logical if [url / [size… / [b] texts appear here or there.

So why not a “Rich text input” button at the bottom right for each text inputs ?

Or another way, for avoiding using useless always-true conditions such as “Website home URL is not empty”, adding in the menu of text inputs “Rich text editing…” ?

I try to fin a way to this limit…

Enabling rich text editing without line breaks is not easy.

Is it something you wish to enable someday or I can now start replacing my texts with with always-true conditions for accessing rich text editing ?

What happens if you use bbcode now? If you know the syntax can’t you just do this?

BBcode works fine for text formatting but line breaks are not possible when they are important for multi-lines messages :

Yeah well adding rich text editing won’t help with line breaks.

I don’t understand. It works. I just tried and get email with line breaks

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If you don’t see the point, I’ll just use the workaround “Website Home URL is not empty:formatted as…” and that will make the job.

Yes it works, but in the editor it doesn’t yet.