Enabling HTTPS on Bubble website

Hi - I’m looking to enable HTTPS for my site built using Bubble so as to comply with Stripe’s requirement that the site be served over HTTPS. What steps are required to accomplish this using Bubble?

We can allow that, but there is some manual work on our end. For stripe though, we’ve set things up so that it works. If you use the payment page, it’s hosted on a HTTPS page on bubble.is, and if you use Stripe Checkout, the popup is served by stripe over HTTPS and it works as well.

Great, thanks!

I figured the payment page was sufficient given its on bubble.is, but that’s super easy that the pop up is served by Stripe over HTTPS. Reading their terms it said regardless of Stripe Checkout, so I just wanted to confirm.

Hi, I have the personal plan that doesn’t have HTTPS. Stripe is asking for a HTTPS Redirect URI for production. You mentioned here [quote=“emmanuel, post:2, topic:49”]
If you use the payment page, it’s hosted on a HTTPS page on bubble.is
[/quote]. Is this a special URL I could use? Where can I find information? Or do I need to go for a professional plan?

Yes we removed the payment pager as it was a bit clunky, and Checkout is a much nicer experience. So HTTPS is now needed.


Is it possible to pay SSL for an extra on Personal plan?

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Not currently. We’re looking into it, but no timeline yet.


This would be great, especially if you can buy only the features you want instead of packages. But also still have the packages if you like.

This would be a huge plus.


Hopefully it’ll arrive soon. I need to publish my ecommerce site within a month and I can’t afford the professional plan with my student pay. I most likely won’t be going into a paid plan until the personal plan integrates SSL.

Does this mean we cannot have users sign up with a Stripe account in our app unless we have HTTPS (Professional Plan)?

As the redirect (https://bubble.io/poststripeauth) did work fine while developing my app, but now that I have my own domain name tied to the app it gets stuck on the “Please wait…” page
And I cannot put my app link in the Stripe redirect because of the https

The redirection should still work without HTTPS, but you should still on https to use checkout (that’s a new stripe requirement). Braintree doesn’t have that.

You are correct, it does work using the bubble.is redirect when I connect my Stripe account. However it was not working when I would cancel the Stripe account connection - it would direct to the “Please wait…” page on Bubble and get stuck there

Can you file a bug report for that particular case? We’love look into it

Ciao Emmanuel, any news on that? I’ve seen that migrating to HTTPS once the website is already live and indexed on google, could be a pain for SEO and stuff…

I would be interested in Paying just for the certificarte without passing to professional yet. otherwise I think it will be a must…

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Hi Wolfer,

I have the same problem. Have you been able to fix it?


I filed a bug report and this got fixed. Haven’t tested it in a while but I assume it is working fine.

Thank you for your answer. It is not working again :frowning:

If you have a chance to test it let me know.

It seemed to be working in my app. Maybe need to file a bug report

I have this error in my bubble app

how can i fix this error?