Input not responding what should I Do?

Hi! Everyone,

I just started using Bubble recently and right now I am a little bit stuck on the development process of my app.

I create a Log in and sign up Page of my app ,I preview it and enter everything on the input fields.I just wondering, There’s always a pop-up saying that please enter email address and password.But I already did it.

Is anyone have the same problem I have right now before?

Please let me know How to fix it.

Thank you!


Welcome to the Bubble community, @darwin.

From your description, I’m not clear on whether or not it’s truly a popup.

One of the great things about this forum is that it’s easy to insert images. Inserting an image of what you’re seeing and asking about can be very helpful.

If you’re on a Windows computer, you can use the snipping tool (or a similar tool) to capture an image of what you’re seeing and just paste it into a post.

For instance, I just used Snip to capture this part of your post and pasted it here -> image

People will be more able to help you with a visual of what you’re experiencing.
Give it a try in a reply to this post.

Again, welcome.

Welcome to bubble!

It’s most likely the button you are clicking to sign in opens the pop up. It might be the pop up that bubble makes for you to easily sign up and log in. If you are new, I would just use the pop up that bubble has for you. Just remove your own inputs.

Check your workflows from the button that you click right before the pop up shows. It will most likely be the problem.

Hope this is helpful. :slight_smile: