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Login problem with already created users

I’m a bit frustrated with the login issue that I’m having every time I try to run my app.

I’ve made list of users by using the signup,

and when I log in first time with any of these users, the app works fine,
but when I logout and click on log in again, it doesn’t work.
No matter how many times I refresh the page,
the log in button never works. Anybody know why this is happening?
Could anybody help me with this?
What am I doing wrong here?

I’m about to finish my project and this issue is really giving me a hard time.

Awaiting for bubble GURU.

Thank you!

Hey there, I’m getting an error when I click on the link. Might the app be set to private?

Yes the app is provate app,
Will you be able to veiw and help if it change it to public?
How can i change it to public?

Thanks for the help!

Settings tab > General > Application rights

All right, thanks

I’ve made a copied project in public.
Please check if below link works.

My project is nearly done except this login problem.
It seems like none of those users that were signed cannot log in.

Is bubble’s database sometime unstable? Would similar type of problem would occur once I go live?

Kindly advise. Awaiting for your magic hands!

Thank you so much !

I think I see the problem. In your workflows, you are checking to see what type of user the “current user” is, except nobody has logged in yet, so the current user is nobody. I think your check for user type needs to happen after the user has been logged in. Does this make sense?

Yes ! Indeed!

Thank you so much for the great help!

I was able to fix the problem instantly!

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Yay! Glad I could help.