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Endpoint workflow doesn't show

Why I could not see endpoint workflow? Even I’ve already checked “Enable Workflow API and backend workflows”

Could you please advice me how to show endpoint workflow?


@mongkonjoe what do you mean by “Endpoint Workflow”? Are you looking for the webhooks? Like you get the url that you can share with others and then they can pass data to that endpoint?

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Choose ‘New API Workflow’

it used to be called endpoint I think…but the top option is the one you want :slight_smile:

I need to setup workflow to run everyday to check the promotion finish date, which promotion expired this workflow API will auto send email to the user.

No endpoint as you mentioned. I try to find it my best.

Probably best to schedule a workflow at the time the promotion is created and schedule it for the promotion end date - that way you have one workflow not daily workflows.

The new API workflow is the one you want :slight_smile:

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Many thanks, it’s easier than I thought.