Endtime based on entered minutes

Im working on a online calendar for a customer and now working on the add appointment feature. Is there any way to let a user enter the amount of minutes of the appointment? So the user enters a start date/time and X amount of minutes, which determines the end time.

I tried to use a workflow for this, but there is no way to add up minutes to the date/time. I found out that seconds are possible, but that way, it requires me to calculate in the background: entered minutes * 60 (seconds), which isn’t possible in a workflow I guess.

Whats the best way to make it possible to let the user enter a X amounts of minutes to determine the end time? Is there someone who can help me out?

Eindtijd is Dutch for Endtime (which is a date field in the appointment data type)

Hi @g.rinzema,

Try adding another input that you keep hidden that does the minutes to seconds conversion for you. Content type = integer and initial content is the user’s entered minutes * 60.

Then in your workflow, the end date/time is the start date/time +(seconds): hidden input value.

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@romanmg Thank you so much!

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