Entering a number in a decimal-type InputField causes it to disappear.

I would like to use Bubble’s decimal type InputField, but when I enter a number and press Done, the number I entered disappears.
It works fine with Chrome on my computer, and only on my iPhone (IOS16) does this problem occur.

I would like to know if anyone knows how to solve this problem. Thank you in advance.


I’m unable to replicate the issue. Of the top of my head, the only way I can think of this happening would be if you have a “an input value is changed” event with a reset action. If auto-binding is enabled, your privacy rules could also prevent an input from being edited, but unless you have a custom “An unhandled error occurred” event, you should see an error message.

If that doesn’t help, please share a screenshot of the input settings from the editor.

Thanks for the reply.
I have included the editor image and editor link below.
One thing I found out is that if you don’t specify Decimal Place, it seems to work fine.

I should not have changed anything about the reset event or auto binding.

Thanks so much for your help and best regards.

editor link : test20220925 | Bubble Editor

Thanks for sharing the editor link. Even when setting the decimal place to 2, I’m unable to replicate the issue on my iPhone. Did you find a solution, or are you still experiencing the same issue?

Thank you for confirming.
It is still not working well here.
Could you please let me know your version for reference, as it may be an IOS version issue?
I am on IOS 16.


I’m on iOS 16 as well. Thought it might be the browser, cause I’m using Safari and it looks like you’re on Chrome, but it’s working as expected on my device in both browsers. Tried on my iPad as well, and no issue there either. Maybe it has something to do with your language settings? Would be weird, but worth a shot. It’s the only variable I can think of that seems to be different between my phone and yours, just based on the screenshot.

is there any further development with this issue. im running into this problem as well. similar situation input field decimal. cannot input on iphone 12 or better. android phones work just fine.