Decimal Input in Mobile Browser

Hi Everyone,

I started experiencing an issue earlier this week in both Chrome’s iOS app and the Safari iOS app. Even when an input element is set to decimal, the number pad comes up when you set the focus to input. This makes it impossible to enter a decimal point.

Has anyone figured out a way around this? I categorized this as a bug but this seems like it was probably not a bubble bug, but a change with the mobile browsers. It severely limits certain features of my app on mobile considering decimals are frequently necessary. (Which raises the question of why don’t the mobile number pads have decimals in them, I would have thought that is a commonly needed feature.)



We’ve been getting a number of reports of this issue with iOS version 13 and onwards. It may be worth reporting this to Apple’s support teams, as this seems to be an iOS version-specific behavior rather than something we can modify on our end.

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Thanks eve - a google search confirmed that this is definitely an issue with iOS 13 and mobile app developers from a variety of frameworks and platforms are grappling with it at the moment.

I haven’t had the chance to test this yet - but one possible solution people mentioned on a different forum for a microsoft app development platform is to set the input type to text and then only accept numeric inputs. Perhaps that would work for anybody having this issue on bubble who is also looking for a quick fix.

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