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Entries of a repeating group to database

i have the same use case as @steinhausler–i want to save the API data to my Bubble DB so i can filter and manipulate it BEFORE i show it. i’d like to be able to save my API call data into individual cells, rather than as a big list. has anyone come up with a good/fast solution to this?


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I’ve also been trying to solve this for months. Has anyone found a solution?

A syntax within Bubble that allows us to create a thing based on each cell would obviously be very useful…


You use the “Schedule API on a List”. The list being the repeating group.


Thanks for sharing this @NigelG.

I have a question … what if we have an input field in the repeating group ? I need to save the value provided in the input field to the database.

I’ve created the same in Forumapp3 as an example. In this case i would also like to add comments to the database. however I am unable to assign the input field’s value as a parameter.

Can you please help me?

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Hi Nigel,

You’re a genius. How you figured this out I’ll never grasp. You’re really, really good at this stuff.

Thanks very much for your help. I do hope you leave up this amazing example.

Incidentally, I bypassed the RG entirely and just saved the contents of the API call (i.e. without displaying them first in an RG).

I am going to experiment more tomorrow. But this opens up a world of possibilities.

Thanks again,


Thanks. Yes, I had also created …

For doing it directly without the RG.


Hmmmm, interesting one @samuel - will have a think :slight_smile::nerd:


Hi Nigel,

Taking a closer look at your google places app.

Could this also be a generalized solution for entering multi-row API responses into a database? My use case seems pretty routine. Do you know if there is a simple solution?

Yes, as long as bubble thinks you have a list … Schedule an API in that list.

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Do you know if “list to run on” in the Schedule an API on a list can accept a table not just a list from a single field (ie. place)? Also, do you know if “list to run on” needs to run a GET to the external API or can it be a POST response?

My external API r_pair_info is a table (red text). I’m POSTing data from Bubble->R and the response is a table.

that looks like this:

Your list will be the result of an action in your workflow I would think.

So do the post and then pick up the “result of step x” ?

Hi @NigelG

Any Luck in finding solution to my request?


Sorry, it wasn’t lack of luck … it was lack of a decent memory on my part :rolling_eyes:

Will have a go today.

Hi @NigelG I have a similar issue, cannot see how to save data from a repeating group list - see

I am trying to save a generated list within the same bubble application from repeating group results.

For example, I have generated 12 Months of dates based on an input from the user. I have added an individual check box, to save each record one at a time, which works. I then added a Check All box, that seems to work but does not follow the workflow and save the data.

Here is the application example:

Can anyone please help on this and happy to pay for it to be solved?

Kind Regards

I think I solved it - I can create a list via Schedule API Workflow on a list

Now I will try to amend the data via Make changes to a list of things…

@NigelG Thank you for your example, I would not have been able to do this without it.

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It is really hard. I think you can probably do it by creating a list of “inputs” and the associated “row” on a custom state. And then looking it up when you come to do the API call. Maybe.

@samuel I basically did a work around - see example workflow here:

I basically created a list of numbers for a repeating group to reference. So when a client filters these group through inputs, I can then create a copy of the filtered list via an API call to another to list. Basically I wanted the button to create X number of records in a click that is associated with a particular type.

I am then planning to amend those records via Make changes to a list of things, to add ID, which will allow me to add the list of inputs.

@emmanuel a create list feature is so much needed, if to avoid abuse, limit to 50. Otherwise, I am using custom states, which I yet to figure out, how to add to these records after say 12-15 seconds. Meaning that if the API call is slow, then certain records do not get an ID.


The schedule action on a list of things should be the way to go there. It’s not instantaneous but does the job.

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On the topic of creating multiple things; in my case it’s not possible to use a scheduled action or invoked externally via API. So I need to create the Things as the users starts to interact with them and simulate their existence before that through Conditional settings. See:

I also needed to show a list (Repeating Group) of Things not yet created(!). I managed to do that this way: