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Enumeration Types

Hi @josh and @emmanuel,

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the following:

A while back I asked about having a field type that allowed one of several pre-defined entries. I think the technical term for that is an enumeration type. These field types are great for fields that will contain statuses, categories, etc., where there is a limited number of (usually text) options and only one will be selected.

Two aspects matter to me:

A) Defining the enumeration field type
I s/b able to enter static (say text) entries
I s/b able to sort them in the way that I would like them to appear in a drop-down menu or in a radio button

B) Using the enumeration field type
The Editor should behave in the same way as it does for the yes/no field type (which in itself, is an enumeration with only to options, true and false). This also means that visual elements and input forms based on an Enumeration field type should allow setting the default value and using the selected value in the conditional tab.

This way, testing for the value of a field would be significantly easier and less error prone than handling it as a a text field as we do today.

Many thanks!!