Is there ENUM field?


I have orders datatype with a status attribute. status can be New, Pending, or Completed.

I can make it a text field, but this will not give the autocomplete feature when I use it in “where” queries.

Is there ENUM field?


We call them “Option Sets”.

But yeah, they are enumerations :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot.

Hi @NigelG

Thanks for this, I read about option sets, and have a question about security, privacy, when using it …
I have a type of data, with field that can have 5 different « status » : draft / pending / accepted / canceled/ declined

Let’s say this is a home rental platform. (of course it is an example, I am not feeling like competing with airbnb :wink: )

So The Data is « Booking », it could be draft / pending…

And I have an other data type with a « list of booking », for example « home »

What I need is that when a user create a booking it’s « draft » by default, when he confirms it It becomes “pending”.

And, when the home owners accept the booking it becomes « accepted ».
And so on…

Do you think option sets would be the best option for it ?
I read we cannot applied privacy rules to Option sets. And so, I was thinking this is not secure to do it this way ?
Still I can have privacy rules regarding, in this example, “Bookings” and “Home”

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