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Equally resizing cells in a repeating group (fixed # of cells - 1 row, n columns)

Hi community,

I am wondering if you have any good tips on how to make all cells width equally stretch when the pages stretches. The RG has a fixed # of cells with 1 row and 7 columns.

Here is an example of how it looks right now.

As you can see - when the page stretches, only the last cell stretches with it which looks wrong.
Leaving it as a fixed with would only open a very large empty space on the side.
None of the options look good.

Thanks in advance!

The new responsive editor would be ideal for this.

Until then, what I would do is:

  1. create a reusable that is super wide (as wide as you think your user will have it).
  2. Add RG.
  3. Make it all responsive.
  4. On the target page add that reusable.

I’m guessing the page is smaller than the reusable. That means that the reusable will stretch to fill the space and all cells should do it evenly (instead of just the last one).

Thanks, Rico.

It was tricky to make it work. Especially because it were 1 separate and 2 nested RGs that had to work all work in sync.

But it worked. A solution although it’s not a convenient solution. I’m looking forward to the responsive editor.

Are there any infos on the new responsive editor?
As far as I understand, it’s not out yet.

It’s in beta. It’s looking good.

  • You can upgrade page by page.
  • flexbox is a thing.
  • margins are a thing
  • percentage width / height are things
  • adjust to content width / height are things
  • you can move a whole section in the click of a button.
  • collapse if hidden for all zhe elements

What’s not there yet:

  • padding
  • CSS grid

If you know your way around the CSS flexbox it will be less bumpy. If you don’t, well, I’ll be here for you.

Can’t wait to get to use it. Thanks.